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City University of Applied Science (HSB), Bremen
Concept and Lectureship a) Project management and coaching of "Community & Outreach" projects (European Degree Programme in Business and Public Administration, ESWV) and b) Intercultural management in tourism
(International study in tourism management, ISTM)
Period: 2021−2022 (ESWV), 2023 − ongoing (ISTM)

Bread for the World & Centre for Rural Development (SLE) at Humboldt-University zu Berlin in Indonesia
Andragogic training, organisation and facilitation of international seminar on “Research farmers and agroecopreneurs: Pathways to adapt to and mitigate climate change”
Period: 2022

HERE AHEAD, University Bremen
Concept and lectureship on “Study Competencies” for international applicants at Bremen‘s universities and universities of applied science
Period: 2020 − ongoing

Research and teaching center for entrepreneurial thinking and acting (FLUDH) University Kassel
Lectureship and process support to organize a TEDx Conference on social and cultural entrepreneurship
Period: 2019-2020

BanSenSuk e.V., Bremen
Implementation of training and small projects in countries of the Global South (e.g. Indonesia, Kenya, Laos) and chairwoman
Period: 2018 − ongoing

Internationaler Bund (IB) Bremen
Potential analyses for professional orientation for secondary-school students and career counselling advice
Period: 2018 − ongoing

Bremer Information Centre for Human Rights and Development (biz)
Workshops, training courses and lectures at schools and universities on the subject of childrens rights, ecological foot- and fingerprint, education & development, SDGs and sustainable development
Period: 2018 − ongoing

German Cooperative and Raiffeisen Association e.V. (DGRV) in Laos
Training and development of media for information transfer and promotion
Period: 2017 − 2018

German Association for International Cooperation (GIZ) − Vocational Training in Laos (VELA)
Tracer study, training, labour market orientation and career counselling concepts
Period: 2016 − 2017

HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation - Skills for Rural Livelihood Development (S4RLD) in Myanmar
Sector planning, tracer study, human resources development, dual−training and project evaluation
Period: 2012 − 2016

HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation Nepal - Conference Vocational Skills Development in Nepal
Moderation and presentations
Period: 2011

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) & HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation - SURAFCO, Support to the Reform of the Northern Agriculture ß Forestry College in Laos
Conception, project management, curricula development and training, tracer studies
Period: 2009 − 2014, 2015 − 2020 (short-term, freelance)

HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation −Laos Extension for Agriculture Project (LEAP) in Laos
Development of national extension and training concept, training and networking
Period: 2002 − 2009

DANIDA / ADB − Vientiane urban infrastructure and services project in Laos
Feasibility study
Period: 2002

German Association for International Cooperation (GIZ) −Employment-oriented vocational skills development (BAFIS) in Laos
Curriculum development, training of trainers and target group analysis
Period: 2000 − 2002

German Development Service (DED) / German Association for International Cooperation (GIZ) − Integrated Food Security Project in Laos
Strategy development for district education, teacher training, curricula and teaching material development
Period: 1996 − 2000

Association for Establishment of a Roma Community Centre e.V., Frankfurt in Germany
Advisory support and networking
Period: 1992 − 1995

ASA program − Work and study stays in Africa, Asia and South America in Germany & worldwide
Selection and training of scholarship holders, project planning, organisation of North-South and South-South projects
Period: 1990 − 1995, membership and support ASA-FF ongoing

German Development Service (DED) in Yemen
Evaluation of health education projects
Period: 1992

Self Employed Women Association (SEWA), Ahmedabad in India
Sector analysis
Period: 1989 − 1990

Goethe-University, Frankfurt, Germany in India & Nepal
Organizational management for NGOs in the informal sector
Period: 1988